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New members of the South Normanton Nursery School community and adding to our Identity Tree: 09/19

We welcomed over 40 new children to nursery in September and we have been very busy helping everyone to settle in to the new routines. Our older children have been fantastic role models and have been providing peer support, reminding our new children about where to go what to do and even about our expectation in nursery by showing them how we use our Five Finger Rights Respecting Rules…they really have done a fantastic job!


Over the last few week we have been adding to the Identity Tree in nursery to help all of our children understand about how important they are as individuals, but also as new members of South Normanton Nursery School.

We took pictures of each child and then as we looked at them, talked with them and their friends at nursery about all the things that they like about themselves and each other, the things that they enjoy doing, the things that they are good at and what makes them really special. We then wrote some of these ideas together on the back of their pictures and each of the children chose a place to put their photo on our Identity Tree in nursery.

The children were really excited to put their pictures on the tree which is now getting quite full.
Our Identity Tree makes a great feature in the middle of our nursery. It helps to reinforce the children's sense of identity to which they have a right (UNCRC Article 7 and 8) and it helps them to understand that they are all different and special in their own way and that they are valued members of our Nursery and our community...a very important part of our British Values, PSED and Rights Respecting Schools curriculum.

Next time you are in the big nursery room, be sure to take a look at our very Identity Tree with your child. Ask them if they can remember where their picture is and why they and their friends think they are special.