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Our learning last week and the start of Christmas celebrations: 01/11/17

Problem Solving

Last week in maths, throughout the nursery we have been using our skills to solve a variety of different problems, from number problems, to those involving shape and even capacity!

It is very important for children to use their mathematical skills in everyday contexts and this is something that we encourage all of our parents to do too as this is one of the very best ways for our children to extend their learning and develop their logical thinking.


Switch Off Fortnight

At nursery last week we have been taking part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight’.

We have been gathering the children’s ideas about the different things at home and at school that use electricity. We discussed which of these we can switch off to save electricity, which we can turn off sometimes and which we need to leave on all the time and why.

We learnt a song about switching off the lights and thought about our own use of the computers at nursery. We also read a story called ‘Unplugged’ which helped us to remember that although technological toys like computers, ipads and TVs are great for some things, it is really important to play with lots of different things and in lots of different places to maintain a balance and keep our mind and body healthy.

We will be continuing switch off fortnight this week, encouraging the children to switch off things that don’t need to be on, to save electricity.


As part of our E-Safety curriculum, this week we began to think about E-mailing.

We began by discussing different ways of communicating of which E-Mailing is just one and as our children are not yet old enough to E-Mail alone, we concentrated on reinforcing the adults role in keeping children safe when communicating with others.

We read an age appropriate story called ‘Webster’s Email’ which introduces the idea of E-mail, what can go wrong if it isn’t used properly and how to use it safely.

Sharing the Joy of Christmas nursery and at St Michael’s Church.

On Thursday night our nursery was transformed into a Christmassy wonderland. The children were shocked and excited on Friday morning when they arrived to see that nursery had changed. We have many Christmas decorations in nursery to help us to celebrate Christmas including a very special Christmas tree which mirrors the Christmas tree which nursery has helped to decorate at St Michael’s Church. The both the tree at the church and at nursery celebrates ‘The Joy of Christmas’ and the children have decorated them with special stars which say what makes them happy and joyful.


On Friday, Stephanie and Gwyneth met some of our nursery children at the church to add our decorations to the tree! What a lovely way to share joy with our community.