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A word from the Head - settling in!

Hello everyone, 

Wow, what a busy few weeks I have had! I do not feel new anymore as everyone has made me feel so very welcome. 

 I have loved meeting everyone and getting to know how we play and learn at South Normanton Nursery School. I have chatted to the staff about what we want for our children who attend our Nursery and also got to know about what parents like and would like to make better through our meet and greet sessions. 
I have seen some excellent teaching provision and all staff and governors are in agreement that recognising where and how we can improve is an important part of our daily practice. 

So as we continue on our journey of ensuring that your children are safe and happy and reaching their full potential, there will be some changes along the way to ensure we are providing excellent early years provision.

We appreciate your input as your child's main educator so feel free to speak to me regarding anything you are worried or are interested in. 

Thank you for your support,