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Microcephaly Awareness Day: 01/10/14

Many thanks to everybody who supported us in raising awareness about microcephaly, by wearing yellow to nursery on Wednesday.

Microcephaly means small (micro) head (cephaly). It is a neurological disorder where the head circumference is less than it should typically be in an infant or a child. The condition can be present at birth or develop within the first few years of life. The effects of microcephaly range from mild intellectual delays to profound intellectual and physical impairment.

At nursery in out All About Me Topic, we have been helping the children to learn about the differences between people, this includes people who look and sound different to us, people who are from different places in the world and those with disabilities.  We have been learning that we are all different and we are all special.  

Not only did we wear yellow clothes, we also played with lots of yellow activities in nursery. We printed with yellow paint, sorted yellow pasta, counted yellow fruit, squidged yellow custard and rolled and moulded yellow play dough.  We even found a yellow leaf in the forest and put up yellow balloons in nursery too.