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Flowers, Fruit, Veg and a Lick of Paint!

A lot has happened over the summer in our nursery garden.

The trees in the garden and in the nursery orchard have been growning lots of fruit. We have been talking with the children and learning about growing and harvesting and they have been helping to pick apples, pears, grapes and plums which they can then take home to eat.

The sunflowers hve grown really tall and we will soon be ready to collect the seeds, ready to plant next year.

The willow from the willow tunnel has really grown too. Debbie will soon have to cut it down and decide what other willow structures we can plant in the nursery the meantime the children are enjoying running through the giant tunnel and playing hide and seek!

The wild flowers in the wild flower bed have died down now and we will be composting the remains with the children next week and we've been looking at the beautiful dandilion clocks and talking about how the seeds spread. 

We've also been looking at the insects in the garden. The children noticed that there were lots of craneflies (Daddy-Long-Legs)..especilly in the poly tunnel.

The climbing frame and the bridge are looking very smart too, after our site manager Steve gave them a new lick of paint over the summer holidays...thanks Steve.

So all in all, our garden is looking great and we're really enjoying playing and learning in it.