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10/09/21: Welcome back. New children, new staff and some changes at nursery

What a fantastic start to the term we’ve had we welcome lots of new children as well as new staff and the older children have been fantastic role models and made all our new friends feel very welcome. Our children have been practising exploring the nursery environment, finding their own coat pegs and welllingtons and getting used to the new routines. They each have their own group area for the end of session and this helps them to develop a sense of identity within nursery.


Over the summer we made some changes to our nursery garden to improve the environment for our children. Our sandpit has moved and we now have a large new hard surface, where the children can ride their bikes and scooters. They have been doing a great job of using the cones and tyres to create their own obstacles and are getting really good at parking the vehicles in the allocated spaces at the end of session. We have had some great discussions and negotiations about how to use a new space. Also the addition of some new storage containers outdoors, means that the children can be more independent in selecting their own resources