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Exciting News! Our New Multi-Sensory Room Has Arrived.

We are very excited to announce that our new and  impressive Multi-Sensory room in now up and running!

Over the last term the staff from ROMPA in Chesterfield have been working very hard to convert our old cloak room space into a fantastic new  Multi-Sensory Room.

The staff are now working very hard to learn exactly what the room can do and get the hang of using all of it's fabulous equipment. They will receive additional training later in the year to ensure that they can all use the room to it's full capacity to benefit all of our children.


Now that the room is up and running, it will be used, not only support our children with additional needs but also to enhance the curriculum for all other children in the nursery, by providing an exciting multi-sensory experience including the following:

  • Fully Interactive audio, video and aroma machine which can be linked to our themes in nursery.
  • Calming light and sound including a giant colour change bubble tube.
  • Ultra-violet lighting to highlight signing.
  • A visually stimulating sound to light panel which converts speech and singing into beautiful patterns and colours.
  • Ceiling star projector for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Sensory Magic, the hi-tech computer system in the new room has a sophisticated upload  facilty, enabling us to fully personalise the experience for the children by using their own pictures, photos and voice recordings.

It is fully interactive not only for the staff, but also for the children who will be able to control and change the way the room looks, sounds and smells. 

We are all very excited about this new addtion to our setting, which will support the learning  of all our children and enhance the facilities at our already outstanding nursery.

You will no doubt see the room being used as you bring your children into nursery but we are also having a special 'grand opening' of the room at our Winter and Christmas Activity Day in December.

Watch this space for more details of this exciting event!