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Forest Schools Fun: (Term 5. 2015.16) 10/06/16

During our Forest Schools sessions in Term 5 we have had lots of wonderful and exciting experiences. Each Thursday we have prepared with Debbie and Debra by putting on our protective clothing ready for the walk across the field to our magical Forest School, where Forest Faith awaits the arrival of her friends.

Over the weeks we have used our senses to explore our natural environment. We have listened to the birds singing, felt the texture of the trees and other natural materials and looked really carefully at the plants and minibeasts that we have encountered...sometimes using the magnifying glasses to help us to see them even better.

Whilst ever we have been up in our beautiful forest we have always made sure to show care and concern for the environment around us, making sure that we have touched the forest plants and trees carefully and being especially careful with all of  Forest Faith's animal friends. We have always used our kind hands and of course made sure that any rubbish that we have created during our time in the forest has been taken back to nursery and put safely in the bin. 

We have kept ourselves safe at all times, not only with our new protective outfits and wellington boots, but also by being aware of any obstacles that we might encounter such as tree roots, low hanging branches and of course slippery mud when it had rained! We thought and talked about how to move large branches and sticks safely and how to move around the forest carefully so that we and our friends were all safe.

Over the weeks, we have noticed lots of changes taking place as the seasons have progressed from spring through to summer. The trees have grown new leaves and blossom which has made the forest shadier and all around new plants have begun to spring up and minibeasts have come to visit more frequently.  

This term at the forest we have done lots of new and challenging learning and it has been lots and lots of fun!