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10/07/2020: The #BigOutdoorArtChallenge

All this week at nursery we have taking part in a very special challenge the 

#BigOutdoorArtChallenge, as part of Children’s Art Week which runs from 6th to 12 July. 


We know that spending time in the outdoors has a positive effect on mental health and taking time to appreciate nature’s beauty through art can also have a lasting impact on wellbeing.


So throughout the week we have been exploring the natural environment and collecting all sorts of natural materials like sticks, stones, petals and leaves, from the nursery garden and then using them to create our very own natural art.


We have also been looking at a selection of natural art created by other people to inspire us with our creations.


We’ve asked all the children at home to have a go at being natural artists too and show is their creations on Tapestry!’ll be impressed by all our creations!



03/07/2020: It's been a few weeks of questions


We often follow the children's interests at nursery by exploring and developing the questions that they ask and asking challenging questions of our own. 

Here are so of the questions that we've been asking over the least few week that have helped us with our learning.


Why do some of the plants smell?

How do ice pops get cold?

Why do the little apples fall off the trees in June?

What makes the 'clouds' behind the aeroplanes?

What can we compost? Why can't we compost everything? What happens in a compost bin?

Why does it take more sticks to go around the edge of a grown up than a child?

Trying new snack...What does it taste like? Can you know if you like it without tasting? Is it ok to change your mind?

Why do insects lay eggs under the leaf?

How do I get my turn?

If someone is playing with somebody else...are they still your friend?





03/06/2020: Thinking about re-cycling led us to create our own paper!

As we started to discuss re-cycling paper...we decided to rewind and think about where paper came nobody knew.

We looked at the different things that were made of paper...there were a lot! drawing paper, toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper...

Then Aunty Mabel (Come Outside) took us to a forest and a Paper Mill to show us a the process of paper making! 

The followng day we created  our own Paper Mill at nursery so we could have a go at making our very own paper. We recreated how the wood was prepared and looked at what happened when water was was  bit messy.

We then recreated 'pressure' to squeeze out all the water and flatten the paper...we're now just waiting for it to dry!

Now we know that paper is made from trees, we know we need to be careful and not waste it because wasting paper means cutting down more trees! next week we are going to think some more about re-cycling. 


29/06/2020: International Mud Day...celebrating the joy and learning of mud!

We all know mud is good. Not only fun to play with but great for learning too so this year on International Mud Day (and throughout the week actually) we celebrated just how much fun you can have and how much, learning you can do with mud, mud, glorious mud!


  • We made mud
  • We mixed, and combined and investigated texture in our mud kitchen
  • We looked at consistency and what happened to the mud as we added water or it dried out in the heat.
  • We created with mud making mud pies, footprints and tyre tracks
  • We made music with mud, listening to the different sounds that it made
  • We ever re read one of our favourite stories and acted out squelching and squerching through the mud in the Bear Hunt story.


Our conclusion...mud is good and we love mud! 

12/06/2020: A busy week of bubbles and bugs!

As we welcomed some more of our children back to nursey at the start of this week, we discussed our two nursery bubbles; groups of friends and grown ups who are still friends but at the moment have to play and learn separately to make sure that everybody stays safe. We made a picture together to show our two bubbles and to help us to understand…they did fantastically well. 


We took the opportunity to integrate bubbles into our learning too…making bubble pictures and paintings and using giant wands in the outdoor area to create some fabulous bubbles! The children enjoyed making and catching the bubbles and looking at all their colours and sizes there were some that were “massive”  “floaty” and “like a rainbow”


To celebrate World Oceans Day, some of our friends have also been learning about some of the beautiful creatures that live in the sea, how important our oceans are and what we can do to look after them.


Later in the week we were entomologists! Even though it was a bit rainy, we searched the nursery and the nursery garden for all different types of bugs!...using careful hands, magnifying glasses and bug collection pots! We were amazed by what we found. We‘ve sent our findings to a special competition which will also help scientists find out what bugs we have in the local area.

To extend this learning we read some familiar stories about bugs and made bug pictures and prints as well.

For those of you who can’t be with us we hope you’ve had a fabulous week and we thank you for your pictures on Tapestry…how great to see that you’ve all been finding lots of bugs as well!


29/05/20: A big "hello" from everyone at nursery.

We want to remind you that we think you are all fantastic and we miss you very much.

We hope you enjoy our videos!

29/05/20: Paint and water in the beautiful sunshine


What a beautiful hot and sunny end to the bank holiday week at nursery.

Over the last couple of days we haven’t stopped having fun and being busy! We have been following the children’s interests and making the most of the sunshine with lots of outside play.

Yesterday we splatter painted outside in the nursery garden…messy, but so much fun!...and then we used the big brushes and water later on to wash the paint from the walls and the windows! The water play kept us nice and cool in the sunny weather and we all remembered to be sun safe, funding the shade and wearing our hats!

We’ve had lots to drink too, to keep us hydrated and plenty of fruit. After revisiting our hungry caterpillar story we made fruit skewers and our very own caterpillars and butterflies.

We’ve also enjoyed trying out some special new programs on the computer which got us doing really good thinking and talking.

For our last day of the week we wondered how we could make our very own seaside. We painted the sand and the sea, walked over it with our bare painted feet then washed them in our pretend sea!!

We’ve also enjoyed pretend boat rides, making sea gulls and some ice cream with dolphins!

27/05/2020: Fun in the sun, sun safety and a pretend holiday!


Even though there have only been a few of us over the last couple of days, we haven't let that stop us having fun and doing some fab learning!

As it has been so sunny, we watched the story of George the Sun Safe Superstar, reminding us to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SLURP and look for SHADE in the hot sunny weather. 

Outside we were shade detectives...searching for shady spots in the garden to keep cool. We also enjoyed lots of water play to help to cool us down, makng watery hand prints and watching them evaporate and we watered the plants to keep them hydrated too. As we were doing out good looking outside, we found a birds egg. it was very delicate so we were careful to use our gentle hands. 

Inside, we packed pretend cases for a pretend holiday and following on from the childrens interests yesterday, we made painty marbble pictures in rainbow colours!

We cooled down with lots of drinks and melon as well as some a special ice cream sundae treat!

Wow!...we've been so busy. I wonder what tomorrow will bring...? 




25/05/2020: Bank Holiday Sunshine. Forest and Garden Fun!

We enjoyed the beautiful Bank Holiday sunshine today, spending lots of time in the garden and up at the forest too.

The  beans that we had begun growing inside were big enough to transplant into the garden today so we chose a good, safe place and made little holes in the ground for our bean plants. We watered them and the other vegetables in the garden to help them to grow... wonder how long they will take?

Following on from our visit from Forest Faith on Friday, we took a trip up to the forest today! Gwyneth had never been before, so was particularly excited. On the way we used stick arrows to show her the way and noticed the shadows made by the trees...we made some of our own shadows too! We did really good listening and heard the birds singing in the trees. We also did really good looking to find crunchy leaves and flowers, blossom, a big bear and a strange pattern on the grass! Phew...what a warm day...when we got back, a drink and ice lolly cooled us down nicely!





22/05/20   Celebrating International Day for Biodiversity


Today the children received a letter from Forest Faith. She gave them a special job - they made a "Bog It" to keep them safe , then went on a nature treasure hunt where Forest Faith was waiting to help them.


The children had a lovely time!


21/05/20   Baking and Shaking Fun!


What a busy few days we have had at nursery.


Yesterday we had lots of fun making cobs. The children looked at the recipe, weighed out the ingredients and had a fabulous time mixing the dough, watching it prove and then kneading it into balls. The children took their delicious cobs home to enjoy.


Today, the children made chocolate milkshakes

as a treat for snack - yummy!


19/05/20  Super Smoothies


Continuing on from our nutritional learning yesterday, we have been making delicious smoothies for snack this morning. We chose what fruit we wanted to use, chopped it, poured in the milk and watched how the smoothie maker blended the fruit. One child even said "Mmmmm, I think I'll have some more!"


To celebrate Mental Health Awareness week, we spoke about what makes us happy. The children then decided to decorate boxes with pictures of what makes them feel good. They then used their imagination to see if they could fit their bodies inside the boxes. What a wonderful time they had!


18/05/20 Learning about what we need to grow


What fun we have all had at nursery today. We spoke about what nutrients we needed to make our bodies grow, and made some delicious pizzas which we had for snack.


We then looked at the beans we planted a few weeks ago and learned that we now needed to place the roots in soil to allow the beans to grow.



We then looked at the beans we planted a few weeks ago and learned that we now needed to place the roots in soil to allow the beans to grow.

12/05/200: Elephants at Nursery! 

Feeding forward the children’s interests to support learning....elephants arrived at nursery today!

Elephant poo in the tough spot, counting elephants and making repeating patterns with the linking elephants and singing our elephants songs! We read and watched one of the children’s favourite stories ‘Elmer’ which gave us lots lot talk about with elephants and other wild animals in the small world play there was lots of fantastic descriptive language about not only elephants, but other animals too. What an exciting day of fun and learning!

12/05/2020: Florence Nightingale - 'The Lady with the Lamp' Born 200 years ago today!


Today at nursery we have done some very important learning about a very famous nurse.

We learned that Florence Nightingale was born 200 years ago today and now this day every year is International Nurses Day.


We watched a film and looked at some pictures to find out that Florence was a kind and caring lady who helped soldiers during the Crimean War, caring for them through the night with only the light of a lamp, which earned her the name 'The Lady with the Lamp.' We even made some lamps at nursery to help us to remember this.


We learned that she grew up in Matlock, Derbyshire, which is not very far away from here and when the Crimean War was over, she returned to England and set up a nursing school in London to help people learn how to be even better at nursing.


We owe so much to this wonderful lady and what an excellent day to also celebrate and thank nurses all through history and especially those today, for the fantastic job that they are doing, taking care of people who are poorly at this very difficult time.   

#FlorenceNightingale #InternationalNursesDay #eyfs #history #understandingtheworld #nursery

12/05/2020: What a lovely surprise!
One of our children who is currently not at nursery, has been working very hard at home practicing his writing and has written us a really lovely letter which we received today, along with some thank you treats for the staff at nursery.

Thank you so much. What a lovely thought...and what fabulous writing!

11/05/2020: Windy Day Fun!

We've had a great fun today, making the most of the windy weather!


We recycled some of our decorations from last week's VE 75 celebrations to make windy weather streamers.


We watched and talked about what happened to the streamers when there were big gusts of wind. We made different patterns with them and compared which of the colours were longer and shorter...we had to be very careful as we enjoyed spinning  round and around to make sure that we didn't get too dizzy!


Super re-cycling, brilliant talking and great fun and learning everyone!  

07/05/2020: We’ll meet again...yes I know we’ll meet again some sunny day! More Nursery Celebrations to cmomorate VE 75 Day


We’ve had another busy day today at nursery with our celebrations to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. We had a focus on red, white and blue, talking about the special colours of our Union Jack flag and even why it was called Union Jack! As we listened to some more wartime music and watched Winston Churchill’s famous speech, we baked very British jam tarts...just like they may have done 75 years ago! Later we enjoyed another tea party and talked about what we think they may have eaten all those years ago as they celebrated Victory in Europe!

We hope everyone enjoys their VE75 celebrations tomorrow...have fun everyone and keep safe.