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Community Lantern Parade in South Normanton: 10/12/12

Children and staff from nursery were proud to take part in the annual community lantern parade and carol concert on 10th December.

The parade took place in the village and was followed by a carol concert in the community centre.

The event involved children and families of all ages from the whole village. As well as the nursery,  children from the Brigg Infant School, The Green Infant School, The Glebe Junior School and Elements (the local community choir) were also involved.

Our children had made lanterns at nursery prior to the parade and enjoyed walking with them, all lit up,  throught the village, as the people of South Normanton looked on.

Our children sang beautifully and were well received, by the large and enthusiastic crowd. 

The event was very well attended and we thank families for their support.