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A Rainbow Activity Day to celebrate National Children's Day and some of our own very special achievements: 11/05/18

Wow! What an amazing Activity Day. On Friday 11th May we were very busy day celebrating National Children’s Day UK 2018 and also celebrating some of our own achievements too.


National Children's Day UK is all about the importance of a healthy childhood and how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of children in order to ensure that they can grow into happy, healthy adults.



For more information about National Children's Day please follow the link below


At South Normanton Nursery School our aims and values are underpinned by the articles on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child. These rights, like all human rights, are unconditional and our governors and staff are fully committed to South Normanton Nursery School’s right-based provision where rights are respected and fulfilled.


What a fantastic day to celebrate the theme of ‘get out and play’ on National Children’s Day. It was the ideal opportunity to celebrate children and childhood, to celebrate our fantastic opportunities to play and learn at nursery and also to share our achievements with our families and the community.


As part of today’s Rainbow Activity Day, we celebrated the receipt of our ECO Green Flag award and also the Silver Rights Respecting Schools award which we have recently achieved. Our staff and children worked extremely hard and we are very proud of these achievements.


We had beautiful sunny day so our children and families were able to enjoy the fantastic nursery environment both inside and out in the nursery garden, exploring in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air, which is fantastic for our mental health and wellbeing.

We were really excited to welcome lots of parents and grandparents to take part in the many activities which we had to play and learn with in nursery on this special day.


Throughout the day, our children, families and governors enjoyed lots of exciting activities both indoors and outside in the nursery garden. We had asked parents to bring in old photos that celebrated the joy of theirs and their families childhood and we really enjoyed looking at them and guessing who was who! Following our rainbow theme we creatively made rainbow hearts, painted rainbows and did some rainbow weaving and made play dough rainbows to improve our fine motor skills. We all enjoyed changing the colour of the bubbles in the sensory room too. In the garden we remembered to be sun safe, wearing our hats and sun cream as we continued our exploration of the new river bed and also enjoyed finding new ways to use our climbing frame.


All this playing and learning made us very hungry and we were lucky enough to be able to ‘eat a rainbow’ at the snack table! The Coop very kindly donated a whole host of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables to help us to be healthy on National Children's Day as we celebrated our special achievements. Many thanks to The Coop, Simon and the South Normanton Coop  team and to Andrew Upton. We are extremely grateful for this generous donation which made the days celebrations even more special.


At the end of each session we all got together to chat and sing about our achievements. The children were amazing at remembering all of our learning about being ECO friendly and about being a Rights Respecting School and they shared this learning with our visitors both by talking and by singing and signing our ECO and Rights resecting song.


We love our nursery activity days. They are lots of fun and fantastic opportunity to share our learning with our families at nursery. Many thanks to all who came to join us on this enjoyable day.


We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of all the things that we have done during the day.