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03/07/2020: It's been a few weeks of questions

We often follow the children's interests at nursery by exploring and developing the questions that they ask and asking challenging questions of our own. 

Here are so of the questions that we've been asking over the least few week that have helped us with our learning.


Why do some of the plants smell?

How do ice pops get cold?

Why do the little apples fall off the trees in June?

What makes the 'clouds' behind the aeroplanes?

What can we compost? Why can't we compost everything? What happens in a compost bin?

Why does it take more sticks to go around the edge of a grown up than a child?

Trying new snack...What does it taste like? Can you know if you like it without tasting? Is it ok to change your mind?

Why do insects lay eggs under the leaf?

How do I get my turn?

If someone is playing with somebody else...are they still your friend?