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Learning through Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for British Science Week 2018: 12-16/03/18

We’ve had an exciting week at nursery as we focused lots of our learning on exploration as we celebrated British Science Week.


British Science Week is run by the British Science Association and is a ten day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

It provides a platform to stimulate and support children of all ages to produce and participate in STEM events and activities.

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At nursery this week, our children have been experiencing science, technology, engineering and maths through exploration, play and activities to develop important skills such as observation, prediction and critical thinking. This learning has also supported their language development with opportunities to learn new language, ask questions and discuss their investigations too.

Activities have included investigating magnetic attraction and repulsion, how to re-cycle paper, building bridges with a purpose in mind, exploring corn flour, finding out ways to free the fish from the ice and learning about the science of sound, to name just a few. The children have also had fantastic fun finding our the process of nucleation as they created a geyser with mints and coke!


As we heard the sad news this week of the passing of the great Professor Stephen Hawking, we also began to learn about the important contributions that famous scientists have made to history. This is work that really interested the children and based on their interests, is something that we will continue after the Easter holidays. It is really important for our children to be inspired by the work of men and women from all over the world, from all walks of life and in different fields of learning. It helps them not only to understand the contributions that these people made to our world but also supports the children's aspirational thinking considering what they may do and achieve during their lifetime.


This year the British Science Week’s citizen science partnership was with: The Plastic Tide and the focus is “help us to keep our beaches and oceans clean this British Science Week”

So with this in mind, we’ve also been learning all about how we can help to stop harmful plastic reaching our beautiful oceans. At nursery we’re very passionate about respecting and nurturing the world in which we live, as our nursery charter below states and we hope that this important learning helps our children and families to understand their responsibility and take ongoing care of the world in which we live to protect it for future generations too.

For some more ideas about helping your child to learn through science take a look at the links below.


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