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World Book Day. Special Story-tellers and our 'Favourite Book Photo Booth' : 07/03/19

On Thursday 7th March we joined lots of other children all around the world by celebrating World Book Day.


The children brought in their own favourite book from home and as part of our Special Thursday activities and we used story props and characters and had photos taken in our own special photo booth! We also looked at our books and spent time friends and the staff, discussing the pictures, what happens in the story and talked about different parts of the book for example the front cover, blurb and the author and illustrator and what they do.  There were so many lovely books…and it was lovely to find out why all the children like their chosen book so much. Staff also chase their favourite books to reads to the children and explained why they like them so much.


To add to the excitement of the day we had a very special guest to read stories to the's always lovely when someone new comes to  read a story with us and today was no exception. John Cox one of out Governors gave up his time to be with us for a session in the morning and the afternoon and the children absolutely loved sharing books with him and listening to him read to was a truly wonderful experience for them and we very much hope that he can come again to support our children's learning and love of books.


We hope you enjoy sharing our photo reel and pictures of our Storytelling as much as we did!






Looking at books and listening to stories is so important for young children. It not only helps with their literacy and gets them ready for reading but also encourages listening skills as well as prediction, reasoning and higher level thinking by encouraging them to ask questions and make links to their own lives.


Follow the links below to find out more about the importance of books and story telling for babies and young children to help you to support your child at home.


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