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04/10/19: This weeks learning. Composting and learning not to be wasteful, adding to our Identity Tree, nursery rhymes and beginning to use words, expressions and signs to show our feelings

*As we continued to think about how different and special we all are we read a story about ‘All Kinds of People’ and then looked at ourselves in the mirror to help us to talk about ourselves. Some of us even drew a picture of what we looked like.


*We talked in group about our right to be safe and comfortable when we are learning on the carpet or in nursery and we looked at the special symbol that we use in nursery whenever we are learning about our rights. We now know that we need a good space where we’re not touching anybody else so that we are safe and can access our learning properly.


*We’ve been practising joining in with different nursery rhymes in our phonics sessions and not only that, but making lots of different noises and actions to help us with our songs too we even composed some of our own verses which helped us to develop our language even further.

*As we talked about our right to our identity, we finally finished putting up our leaves on the identity tree. Make sure you have a look if you come in to nursery…I’m sure all the ladybirds and bees will be able to show you where they are on the tree.


*We also continued to learn about re-cycling and composting and remembering not to be wasteful in nursery which helps us to take care of our earth. We re all getting very good at putting paper in the Michael re-cycle bin (just like a superhero) and only using one paper towel to dry our hands.


*We started some special learning this week which we’re going to continue throughout the coming week, learning about our feelings, how to talk about them and the importance of keeping our mind healthy. We always have a calm relax time at the start of our group time and some of us also began to read our Colour Monster story this week which helps us to understand and talk about our feelings. We're starting to make expressions and use words and signs to express how we're feeling. We recognise understanding feelings and emotional literacy is so important for children and adults alike and it is something that is always high on our priorities at nursery.