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12/02/2021: Safer Internet day, Chinese New Year and thinking about who we love before Valentine’s Day

Last Tuesday we did some special learning for Safer Internet Day…this years theme was ‘together for a better internet’ We revisited our 'Smartie the Penguin' story, talked about the different ways to get online, what a fantastic resource the Internet is and the need to be safe when using it. Smartie the Penguin reminds us to 'think before you click'... if something appears on the screen that you don’t recognise and to 'tell a grown-up' so that they can help you to be safe and our children are getting really good at doing this!

Friday 12th was Chinese New Year, the day when Chinese people all over the world enjoy some very special celebrations. We learned that this year is a the year of the Ox and made comparisons between preparations and celebrations that we are familiar with such as Christmas and Birthdays and realised that there were lots of similarities between these and Chinese New Year. This learning is a very important part of our British values and rights respecting school learning and helps our children to understand about different types of beliefs and celebrations and everybody’s right celebrate in their own way. In nursery we tried on some Chinese clothes, made lanterns and tried to write some Chinese characters. We even had a go at using chop sticks to eat our snack which was very tricky!

As it was going to be Valentine’s Day at the start of the holidays, we read the story 'Guess How Much I Love You' and used this story as an opportunity to talk about who we love, why and how we show this important part of learning about relationships.