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Yum Strawberries! Our First Fruit of the Summer.

We were really excited when we were exploring at the top of the nursery garden and we found lots and lots of giant, juicy strawberries.

We'd started the growing process a while back as part of our 'Growing' topic. We learnt about what plants need to grow, that they need water to keep hydrated and sunshine too.

It's been a bit of a wait but last week we were finally able to taste the fruits of our labour.

The children were over the moon when they pulled back the leaves in the nursery allotment to discover lots of strawberries. We talked about how to tell if the strawberries were ripe and we decided to only pick the ones that were really big and red. The children looked very carefully to work out which strawberries they could pick and they took in turns so that everyone could have a go at harvesting.

As we started to pick them, we realised that there were too many to carry, so we went inside to get a bowl from Gwyneth and Nikki so that we could carry them all back to nursery.

 We took the strawberries inside, gave them a wash and then cut them up and ate them as part of our snack....they tasted beautiful. There were so many that we had enough left to take some home.

This was a fantastic experience for our children. It was not only very exciting but also gave rise to some wonderful discussion about growth and change over time and it was a great learning experience for them to be able to grow, harvest and then eat their own fruit.

...and the strawberries are still growing!... so each day at nursery we are going to check our allotment and strawberries may be on our snack menu for another few days yet!...Yum!