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Today we were all artists! Creating a nursery art installation for the Ofton Festival: 18/06/19

It was a very exciting day today as had some very special visitors from Alfreton Pottery. Nichola and David helped our children to be artists during our nursery session as we took part in some great collaborative activities which were really fun!

The sessions funded by Black Shale and Platform 31, were accessed by every child at nursery today and the creations that they made will be displayed later in the year at  Alfreton… as part of the often festival.


During the morning session the children decorated eggs using lots of different tools and by moulding clay to stick onto them. It was a tricky process that required lots of concentration and perseverance and good fine motor skills as we rolled and pressed, poked and pinched and carefully decided exactly how we wanted our eggs to look. The children were really creative and came up with some fantastic designs including unicorn horns, stars and swirls. Some added texture with the tools and others made holes so that they could see through the eggs. Every single one was different and unique but they were all fantastic! The eggs will now go to be glazed and kiln dried and at the end of the session we watched a short video clip of the kiln drying process, to help the children to understand what was going to happen to their eggs.

In the afternoon we had a look at all the pictures of the egg making and when we discussed it and the children knew that real eggs were often laid in nests. We practised our twisting and weaving with paper, leaves, twigs and straw and together we created two giant nests for the eggs to sit in.

What fantastic new skills we have learned today. The children were so proud of their creations and can’t wait to take their grown-ups to see the finished installation at Alfreton… in September.

Many thanks to David and Nichola from Alfreton Pottery and to Platform 31 for making todays sessions possible….working together we have created something really beautiful!


For more information about The Ofton Festival and Alfreton Pottery and Platform 31, you can follow the links below 


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