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End of term circus fun with Captain Splat! 18/07/18

Wow! We had such a fantastic and fun day we had today with a visit from Captain Splat from Splats Circus.


Instead of a nursery trip this year, had a fun and exciting day at nursery, with our children and families, learning new some brrand new circus skills!


It was another hot day which began right at the top of the garden with an amazing circus display from Captain Splat. The skills that he was showing us were very impressive and lots of the children, parents and staff had never practised them before…but the aim of the day was about trying something new, persevering, practising and being resilient…even if we found it a bit tricky!


After the demonstration we went to start our activities. We tried our hand at juggling and scarf throwing which required very good hand eye coordination. We also had a go at spinning plates and had to keep really still and really had to persevere if we kept dropping them! We also practised with something called a diabolo which was super tricky…but lots of fun and lots of the children and grown-ups really got the hang of it!


There were lots of other exciting circus activities in nursery today too. We also had to try very hard to keep our balance when it was time to use the stilts and the balance beams, we moved with agility and grace to dance with the ribbons to some of our favourite music and had to look and throw carefully to knock down the coconuts on the shy and hook the ducks in the water! Phew…what a busy session! There was even some face painting and yummy ice cream at the snack table too! It was fantastic to see everyone joining in and to see parents, carers and staff having a real good go too, whilst supporting the children's learning at the same time.


When we had tried all the activities, although we felt very tired, we came back together again to celebrate and share the new skills that we had learned and to say well done to everyone for trying hard, persevering and being resilient to the challenges that we faced throughout the day.


We had fantastic feedback from everyone who joined was a real success and a lovely end of term experience for everyone. The children, families and staff had a fantastic time and we were extremely proud of everyone!