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05/10/21: The importance of oral health and hygiene

Oral hygiene and taking care of your teeth is extremely important but there is a growing number of children in the country who have rotten teeth at a very young age. This is a result of too many sugary snacks and children not cleaning their teeth properly. It is important that you make sure that your child cleans their teeth on a daily basis in the morning and before bed.

This week we have been talking to the children about how we can keep our teeth
clean. We have read a story about teeth cleaning and even sang a teeth cleaning song (which you can view by following the link below) 

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We started to talk to our children about how, when and why we should brush our teeth and so that we can continue this learning at home we had  TEETH CLEANING CHALLENGE with special prizes!
We wanted to see our children brushing their teeth with a manual or electric toothbrush, strawberry toothpaste or mint...up and down, side to side...squirt, scrub, spit, rinse...we wanted to see it all!

Post a photo or even a video of your child cleaning their teeth and we will be awarding prizes for the best entries!

Check back for photos of our children doing their fantastic tooth brushing!