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06/03/2020: Spring has arrived, following interests, position and directions, World Wildlife Day, World Book Day and online safety

It was nice to finally see the sunshine in the nursery garden this week. We have been following the children’s interests outside, creating shelters and mermaid palaces in the garden as well as watching as the ground dried and the nursery garden changes with the first signs of spring.

Spring has arrived inside as well as we practised using our creative resources to capture pictures of beautiful daffodils in paint and collage. We also follow the children’s interest in magnetism using our new magnets to find out which items in nursery attracted them and we built a giant railway track, problem-solving along the way to work out the best place to put all our pieces. We also used our Tales Toolkit formats to help us to tell our very own!


Throughout the week in maths we have continued our learning about positional and directional language, following instructions and practising using words such as up down and underneath in between in front of and behind to describe the position of objects and ourselves.


We celebrated World Wildlife Day on Tuesday learning about the different sorts of wildlife that lives in our country and around the world and we read stories to help us to talk about why it is so important to take care of plants and animals.

We also continued our learning about online safety this week, reading a story about a made up creature trying to trick people online and we reminded the children of the very important message ‘think before you click and tell her grown-up’ if you’re not sure about something that you see on the computer.


On World Book Day we had some special visitors who came from Aquinas Education and The Glebe school, to read with our children, who really enjoyed listening to some of their favourite stories.