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World Book Day 2016: 03/03/16

We ‘literally’ had an amazing time celebrating World Book Day 2016 at nursery.


It is so important for children to love and appreciate a range of books from a very early age. Listening to stories and non fiction books can support young children's learning in so many different ways, not only to inform their interests and give them a thirst for knowledge, but also to  tune in their ears, eyes and minds to different sounds as well as pictures, words and sentence structures get them ready for their own reading. We therefore take the opportunity to share books, read to and with the children, whenever possible and  World Book Day this year was no exception.


World Book Day is a international celebration of authors, illustrators, books and most importantly reading to promote nationwide reading and publishing. It is the biggest celebration of its kind and is marked by over 100 countries across the world.

To mark this special annual occasion at nursery we asked the children and the staff to bring in their favourite books from home.

There was a real wide variety of fiction and non fiction books and the children were really excited and proud to show and share the books that they had chosen.

We read as many stories as we possibly could throughout the day and it also prompted us to think about other ways in which we can integrate the children’s  stories and books in to future activities.

The day provided a fantastic opportunity for us to chat about the different parts of the books, the setting and characters in the stories and who the children liked best as well as their favourite parts of the books. We also had some lovely discussions about who reads with them at home and where and when they like to share their books and why they chose the books that they did. This learning supports the children’s sense of identity and reinforces the importance of family learning at home.

ON the snack table the children took part in a fantastic activity all about fruits from different places in the world to reinforce the idea of our global identity and where our food comes from.

The days discussions also provided the children with a great opportunity to share their own experiences and really supported their personal and social development as they confidently talked in front of their peers, answered questions and received feedback about their own choices. A fantastic learning experience for all involved.