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29/06/2020: International Mud Day...celebrating the joy and learning of mud!

We all know mud is good. Not only fun to play with but great for learning too so this year on International Mud Day (and throughout the week actually) we celebrated just how much fun you can have and how much, learning you can do with mud, mud, glorious mud!


  • We made mud
  • We mixed, and combined and investigated texture in our mud kitchen
  • We looked at consistency and what happened to the mud as we added water or it dried out in the heat.
  • We created with mud making mud pies, footprints and tyre tracks
  • We made music with mud, listening to the different sounds that it made
  • We ever re read one of our favourite stories and acted out squelching and squerching through the mud in the Bear Hunt story.


Our conclusion...mud is good and we love mud!