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Finger Exercising Fun on International Disco Dough Day: 09/06/16

We had lots of fun exercising our fingers on June 9th as we all joined in with International Dough Disco Day.

We danced to some disco classics and every child, as well as all the staff, took part in this very special occasion as we joined with thousands of other people around the world who went to the Dough Disco.

Disco dough is not only lots of fun but it is a great way to get our fingers ready for writing.

When we do have our weekly disco dough sessions, by moving all our fingers independently of each other and together and doing lots of careful movements like pinching, squeezing, rolling, squashing and poking, it helps our hands and fingers to hold a pencil better and builds our muscles up ready to give us the control that we need for making marks, drawing pictures and of course writing letters and numbers. Fun, learning and some fantastic dancing, all in one go!