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Heathy Eating Week and our Soccer Aid Playground Challenge to raise money for UNICEF and defend every child's right to play: 14/06/19

Heathy Eating Week

We’ve had a busy week at nursery this week.  All week we have been thinking about being healthy and especially healthy eating, doing exercise and keeping our minds relaxed and healthy too. We have been reading stories and doing lots of different activities to help us to learn about different foods and discussing what are good food choices. As always we have been enjoying our relax time at the end of session and some yoga during the nursery session, to calm our bodies and minds and remind us of the importance of keeping our brains as well as our bodies healthy.



Soccer Aid Playground Challenge

This Friday we took part in the Soccer Aid Playground Challenge on Friday to raise money for UNICEF. We did some important Rights Respecting learning about every child’s rights and especially their right to play. We looked at some pictures of children all over the world who couldn’t enjoy this right, which made our children sad. We were very happy that we could help though, knowing that the money raised from our Playground Challenge on Friday would help these children, so that every child could enjoy their right to play.

Our Playground challenge was really exciting. As the rain came down on Friday morning, we challenged ourselves inside nursery with Gareth Holmes, one on our governors who also has a very important and sporty job! He encouraged our children to do stretch, jump and co-ordinate their bodies in lots of different ways which was lots of fun. We also had help from the Glebe Mini Sports Leaders too who did a brilliant job of supporting our children. It got our hearts racing and we were a bit hot and out of breath by the end on the exercise!

In the afternoon the rain subsided and we were able to complete our challenge outside, again with help from the Mini Leaders. We balanced, hula hooped, used stilts, skipped and did some throwing too to practise our aim. Our Super Squirrel friends also joined in and it was great to involve them in the fun and fund raising.  All the children worked very hard and showed fantastic perseverance and resilience as the some of the activities were a little tricky. Very well done to all who took part and thanks for all your donations to Soccer Aid for UNICEF, we raised a fantastic £77.18

Very special thanks also to our Mini Leaders from the Glebe and to Gareth Holmes for giving up his time and for his fantastic input this morning...we really appreciate it.