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World Cup Fever at Nursery: 29/06/18



What a Wonderful World Cup…is victory in sight?


We’ve all got world cup fever at South Normanton Nursery School. We’ve been doing lots of learning about the game of football and the World Cup

  • How the players play as a team, with rules to tell them how to play and what happens if they break the rules.

  • How the captain and the manager encourage the team and support them to be the best that they can be.

  • How the World Cup is a tournament played by team from all over the world to see who is the very best at football.


We’ve been looking at the flags from the countries taking part, and discussing who we would like to win and why…lots of children were very patriotic and wanted England to win of course and lots have been watching some of the football matches on their TV at home with their families.


Other football learning included ‘football’ rolling painting, designing football shirts, making football team bracelets and even our own football game…the letter mice v the number kangaroos…with buzz the bee to referee!


…now we’re just all keeping our fingers crossed that England win!