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Healthy Eating Week, a focus on positive mental health and wellbeing and a Sports Day to remember! 15/06/18

It’s been a very busy, exciting and fun week here at nursery. As you know, here at South Normanton Nursery School, we are committed to supporting every child to learn about and enjoy their right to nutritious food, safe water to drink and information and opportunities to help them to keep their mind and body healthy. (UNCRC A24/A31)
This week we have a particular focus on this learning for a number of reasons…

Firstly is it British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week which encourages children and adults across Britain to come together to focus on healthy eating and drinking, physical activity, and celebrate healthy living. We have been done lots of playing and learning about which foods are healthy and why. We’ve been learning about why it’s important to have water to drink to keep our body and mind healthy and also the importance of exercise for everyone to keep our body strong and well.

For more information from The British Nutrition Foundation, please follow the link below

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Throughout the week we have also been focusing on positive mental health and wellbeing reinforcing the importance of fresh air and exercise, relaxation, feelings, an awareness of the world and ourselves, giving, building relationships and continuing our journey as life long learners.

We have been taking part in mindfulness sessions, some yoga, revisiting our work on The Colour Monster to help us to understand and talk about our feelings and highlighting our positive relationships and what makes us a good learner. We’ve also taken part in a ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ challenge on Tapestry, to continue our good learning at home.


During this week we also had our Sponsored Sports Day…and what an amazing day it was! The children and staff wore their sporty clothes ready for the big day. We also had a variety of different football teams from Chelsea to Spain as well as Nottingham Forest and of course Derby County. This gave us a fantastic opportunity to begin to discuss the start of the world cup which we will continue to learn about over the coming weeks, but also discuss peoples different opinions and talk about a child's right, as stated in the UNCRC Article 12, to give their opinion and have it heard and taken seriously. For our Sponsored Sports Day, we had our biggest ever turnout to watch our children take part in lots of different challenges which required strength, agility as well as team work and perseverance! Our challenges tested tricky skills and included a horse race, egg and spoon, balancing, building and an obstacle course and it ended with a firm favourite .... the flat race – where we ran as fast as we could!!! Some great memories made and the highlight was the children's faces as the grown ups took part in their race - great spirit and a huge thanks to each and everyone who came today - real family feel!

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our fantastic photos and have a fun, healthy and relaxing weekend.