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08/04/2021: Primary Engineering Award. If you were an engineer...what would you do?

Before the Easter holidays we began some very important learning.
As part of the Primary Engineering Award, we were learning about what an engineer was and the kinds of things that they do; designing and making machines and making sure that machines and engines are safe and working properly. We met different engineers on our PowerPoint, both men and women.

Also on our PowerPoint, we met an engineer called Adrien who works on a submarine for a company called Babcock.
We learned about what a submarine was and looked at all the different parts of it and what they did. We talked about Adrien’s job, making sure all the parts of the submarine work properly so that all the submariners are safe. We were worried that if the engines failed the submarine would be stuck under the ocean!

Some of us thought it would be great on be on a submarine under the sea but others of us were a bit worried about being under the water and thought we’d rather stay on dry land! Lots of friends thought it would be great to be an engineer when they were older...what wonderful aspirations!

We had some fantastic discussions and then challenged ourselves to be engineers and design our very own submarine! We talked about the different parts of our designs…the propellers, periscope and engines. We even had beds in our submarines for the engineers to sleep.

Every child took home a copy of their fantastic design to show and talk about. We are also sending a copy of every design to real engineers as part of a Primary Engineering Award called ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do?’
What an exciting challenge!