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Watching the Tim Peake Space Launch: 15/12/15

We were all very excited on the Tuesday before Christmas to watch as Tim Peake the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, was launched into space in the Soyuz Russian space capsule from Kazakhstan, bound for the International Space Station.

We had talked to the children about the space launch and why it was so important for Great Britain. We had lots of space activities in nursery including small world play with rockets and astronauts, painting space rockets, making space rockets, looking at space stories and looking at lots of pictures and new words about space to help us to increase our vocabulary. We learned words like astronaut, space station and even jettisoned!

The staff worked hard to set up the link on the white board and then when it got to just before 11am we all sat down together to watch the launch. We talked and explained to the children what was happening throughout the launch. They were all really excited and so were the staff!...what a fantastic experience to share together.

We also asked the children to follow up at home with their parents by looking for when Tim had arrived at the International Space Station and we talked the following day about the reports that had been on the news. Lots of children (and parents) even wanted to see a replay of the launch!


This experience inspired the children and supported their learning in so many different ways. We learnt so much new language, the children asked questions and we had lots of interesting discussions about space and space travel and also how it was so exciting that British astronaut was travelling to the International Space Station...we even spotted the Union Jack flag on Tim's space suit and talked pride,  how proud Tim was and how proud we were to have somebody from Great Britain taking part in this event. After the launch, the children talked about the space launch with their friends and families really inspired them and their playing and learning about space continued all through the week.


To watch the launch again or hear Tim Peake speaking when he arrived at  The International Space Station, you can follow the links below.