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14/02/20: Days of the Week with Jasper, A visit from a real paramedic, E Safety for National Online Safety Day, STEAM learning and thinking about who we love and why on Valentines Day.

There’s been fun and learning and special visitors during our final week at nursery before the holidays.


In our phonics learning this week we have been looking at one of our core stories, Jasper's Beanstalk. We used lots of descriptive language to talk about the setting (where the story took place) We made predictions about what might happen and why Jasper made the choices that he did in the story. We also acted out the story together and focused on the days of the week saying and signing these using the initial sound of each day.


Tuesday was a very exciting day as Shani one of our parents who is a paramedic came in to talk to us about her job. It was a fabulous experience for our children to see some of the equipment that Shani uses and talk about when and how she helps people in an emergency. We looked at a real defibrillator, had our blood pressure and oxygen level checked and practised bandaging. We also learned that 999 is the emergency number to call for paramedics, the police and the Fire Brigade... such an important lesson even at an early age.
Many thanks to Shani for giving up her time to spent with us at nursery...we really enjoyed your visit.


Although the wet and windy weather stopped us from going outside early on in the week, it gave us a great opportunity to talk about different types of weather and safety. During the week we have also been using our symbols and signs on to describe 'what is the weather today?'


We celebrated Safer Internet Day and by revisiting our 'Smartie the Penguin' story. We we talked about the different ways to get online, what a fantastic resource the Internet is and the need to be safe when using it. Smartie the Penguin Who is now all around our nursery, reminds us to 'think before you click'... if something appears on the screen that you don’t recognise and to 'tell a grown-up' so that they can help you to be safe.


On Thursday our STEAM activity day was a huge success with another special visitor and lots of fabulous learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.


As Friday was Valentine’s Day we read the story 'Guess How Much I Love You' and also used this story as an opportunity to talk about who we love, why and how we show this important part of learning about relationships.