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Sports Day excitement and some surprizzzzzzze visitors: 03/07/19

Everyone had a great time joining in with our 'Sports Day' on Wednesday 3rd July.


Dressed in our sports gear...we learned about what a competition was, talked about the importance of joining in with the different races and we all encouraged each other to do the very best that we could. We focused not only on the physical skills that were necessary but also thought about the values of resilience and aspiration which are required to succeed not only in sports but in many other areas of learning too. We also talked about the fact that everybody can take part and compete in, women and children of all nationalities as well as those who are able bodied or disabled.


In the morning our ‘Sports Day’ had an unexpected change of venue! Having set up the field ready for our activities, a swarm of bees chose the tree next to the main gate where we enter our field, as a good spot to regroup! This was a very interesting sight, if not at the best time! We didn’t let this spoil our plans though, but as it was no longer safe to access the field, we had ‘Sports Day’ at the top if the garden on the green surface instead.


Our ‘Sports Day’ activities included the ‘Build a Wall’ race, Obstacle race, Bean Bag Aim, and Horse Racing as well as a running race, which all required very different skills indeed.

We also had a drink half way round, as the activities had made us hot and thirsty and we know how important it is to keep hydrated.


In the afternoon it was again safe to go onto the field, so with the addition of The Glebe Mini Leaders  to support us and a parents and staff race as well,  we had a fantastic time testing our skills and doing our very best!


We all received a special medal to say well done for taking part and trying our best. What an exciting day it was and well done for everyone for taking did brilliantly!


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