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Christmas Dinner...Yum! 09/12/15

Today we had Christmas dinner at nursery...yum!

Some of the children and the staff enjoyed eating a traditional British Christmas meal at lunchtime. We all had roast turkey with sausage (except for Ruth who had nut roast because she is vegetarian) with roast and mashed potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. For pudding we had Christmas pudding with lots of custard.

It was great to celebrate the festive season with the children and highlight one of the traditional ways that we mark Christmas in British culture.

All the children ate really well... some even finished all of their sprouts! They are getting really good at cutting up their food and they all remembered their table best manners. Over the dinner table we chatted about whether the children had put up their Christmas trees and decorations at home and what they had asked Father Christmas to bring them on Christmas morning.