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02/10/2020: Looking for signs of autumn, harvesting and making our own apple juice, collecting and creating with leaves and lots of learning with conkers!

As autumn takes hold we have enjoyed some sun and some showers in the nursery garden. we have done good looking and noticed the trees are changing colour and the leaves starting to fall. We collected some of the leaves and used them to create beautiful pictures with collage and paint.


Conkers are just great! We worked out how to get them from their spiky little jackets and then explored, counted, rolled and  made patterns with throughout the week. Fabulous fun and learning.

We found lots of bugs this week too...some amazing caterpillars and giant slugs, which we looked carefully at but kept safe in our nursery garden.


In our nursery orchard we notices lots of apples and pears ready to be harvested. We collected them together using our senses to explore the and being safe as we travelled through the long grass. we experimented with different ways to get the juice out using tools and our hands and feet and then at the end of the week watched how the juicing machine did a great job of extracting juice and leaving pulp behind. Great discussion and observation!