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The Queen is 90!...Happy Birthday Your Majesty. 21/04/16

We had lots of fun celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday!

The children are always excited when we bring our the nursery Birthday Cake and they try to guess who's special day it iis. When we looked at a picture of Her Majesty The Queen of England on the internet they were very excited to know that she was a staggering 90 years old. Lots of children could say who the queen was. they knew that she was important because of her crown and special clothes. The  also knew that she lived in a castle and some could tell us that she was "in charge of people",

The children were a little disappointed that The Queen could not visit us on her special day, but we decided that she may be a little busy and so  but we sang Happy Birthday to her never the less and I blew the candles out on her behalf.

This learning was really important for the children not only for them to understand who the Queen is and her role in our country but also to celebrate our monarchy which is essential to our learning about British Values.