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Anniversary Celebration and Activity Day: 14/07/14

Our Summer, Commonwealth Sports and Celebration Activity Day was a roaring success!

We were happy and excited to celebrate 25 years since the nursery opened in 1989...what a fantastic achievement.

In that time the nursery has had 2 Headteachers, Mrs Barbara Morrison and Ms Angela Colmar and nearly 2000 children...Wow!

With the temperatures soaring outside, we welcomed a record number of children, parents/ carers into nursery, including some of our new children who will be starting in September.

We learnt about different sports, about other countries in the world and about lots of different ways to celebrate success.

Our children and families enjoyed making celebration hats, medals and flags and eating strawberries and ice cream...mmmm!

Outside in the nursery garden, we hunted for sporty numbers and took part in an obstacle course too.

At the end of the session we had a special planting ceremony to plant a tree and an anniversary rose in the nursery garden, to help us to remember this special occasion. We also sang our very special Celebration Song, which the children have really enjoyed learning. There is a link below if you would like to listen to our song.

Many thanks to all who supported us in making this day of celebration and sporty playing and learning at nursery lots a great success and lots of fun.

Special thanks to Debbie Cox who is one of our parents and was one of the first children to come to the nursery back in 1989 and to Wendy Commins, our chair of governors who helped us with our planting ceremony.