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Christmas Party Fun: 16/12/16

Wow!...Today we had a really fantastic Christmas party as we near the end of our busy and exciting term. Both our morning and afternoon children came together for a party filled with fun and laughter, dancing and surprises!


The children all looked absolutely fantastic in their special party clothes and they were all really excited about a nursery day that was  going to be very different but lots of fun.


To start our party rolling and get us in good spirits for Christmas, we began with a very special guest called Peter Presto. Peter entertained us by doing lots of funny things and showing us lots of magic tricks. We were all really surprised as things appeared and disappeared, changed colour and made funny noises. He also had some furry friends who came to see us too! Peter was very funny and really made us all laugh!  He even chose some of our nursery children to help him with his magic and they were absolutely amazing! Peter and his helpers all did a brilliant job and the children really enjoyed the show...a big thank you to Peter.


When Peter had to go to entertain some more children at other schools we said goodbye and thank you  and got ready for the rest of our party fun.  We had party music with sparkly lights to create our very own disco and the children really enjoyed dancing and playing some games like musical statues and musical bumps. In big nursery we also had lots of very special activities. We made party hats and bracelets and created our very own puppet show, just like Peter, which was really entertaining and Stephanie even painted lots of children's faces to make them look even more special. It was a very busy morning and after all these busy jobs, we were feeling quite hungry!


Our party lunch was very special today. After we had all made sure our hands were clean, we carefully and safely went together to Long Room and were each given a lovely Christmas picnic box. We had already chosen our favourite sandwiches and enjoyed these and lots of other lovely party food and everyone remembered their good sitting and their beautiful manners too!


As we finished our carpet picnic and began to sing some Christmas songs,  we heard some bells ringing  and then were surprised to have a very special visitor!

It was Santa Claus!... taking time out from his busy schedule to come and visit us at South Normanton Nursery!


Santa said that he had received letters from lots of us, politely asking for the things that we wanted for Christmas. Some of our children also wanted to talk to Santa and ask him in person for special gifts. Djehina said that she would really like a black toy car and Stephanie asked for some new wellingtons! I hope that Santa's elves can find the gifts in time! Santa even had a bag of gifts for each group that he had brought with him today. One special gift for each child to put under their Christmas tree, to open on Christmas day! Before Santa left we sang him some of our favourite Christmas songs, which he seemed to really enjoy and then we said goodbye and thank you as we got ready for our grown ups to come. 


We had a really fantastic party...what a lot of fun!


Now we're just really excited about next weeks nativity performance. We can't wait to show our grown ups the result of all our hard work at nursery...we know they will really enjoy it!