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Poppy Rocks. 'Let's Remember' with the village of South Normanton 10/11/17


As part of our learning about Remembrance Day and as part of our ongoing links to our local community some of the children made a special poppy rock and took a walk into the village to put our South Normanton Poppy Rock with all of the others in a special place on Shiners Way.

As the children decorated the rock we talked about how the Poppy Rocks were another way to help us to remember the special people who stood up for our rights many years ago so that we are safe today and can live happily in South Normanton. This learning helped to reinforce a key part of our Rights Respecting Schools and British Values curriculum.

We talked before we left nursery about being very safe and today we wore special high visibility jackets so that people out and about could see us easily. On the way into the village, with Ruth, Zoe one of our volunteers and Gwyneth we looked for all the poppies and we saw 14 altogether!…what a big number. We also saw some members of the public who were wearing poppies to and , as we were with our nursery grown ups and it was safe to do so, we talked to them about what we were doing.

The children carefully placed the nursery Poppy Rock in the special cage, to keep it safe on Shiners way with all the other rocks. There were so many of them and the children decided that lots of other people must be learning about Remembrance Day and remembering too the people who stood up for our rights a long time ago.

So if you’re out and about in South Normanton, be sure to have a look to see if you can spot our special Poppy Rock.