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A Busy Term for Eco Schools: Spring 2019

A busy term for ECO school

As part of our nursery charter we believe that each one of us has a responsibility for the world and its inhabitants, both of which deserve respect and nurture and over the last term, we have been busy as usual with lots of ECO schools work in nursery. We’ve done a great job of looking after our environment learning about the importance of being ECO friendly.


JANUARY- Going Glitter Free

We decided to go GLITTER FREE for the year of 2019 t help the environment. Glitter is made of tiny pieces of plastic which are not biodegradable and so it is very bad for our planet.

We packed all of the glitter into a box and put a not on it to remind people about not using glitter.

FEBRUARY- Caring for Our Environment

There was lots of litter that had blown into the nursery garden. It looked really untidy! We knew we needed to be safe  so we used grabbers to safely collect it to make nursery litter free. It’s important that we respect and look after our planet and keeping our nursey litter free is a great first step.

MARCH: Big School Bird Watch

All over the country the RSPB have been encouraging people to take part in the Big Bird Watch to gather information about the birds that are in our local area. We were excited to take part in the Big School Bird Watch to support them. We used our binoculars and set up some hides at nursery so that we could look carefully at the birds that visited our garden. Blackbirds, robins and sparrows were just some of our visors to nursery. We found lots of information in books and on the internet about different birds and we also took care of the birds in the nursey garden by filling our bird feeders with nuts and seeds. We asked children to look carefully with their grown ups at home to see which birds visited their gardens or local parks.

APRIL: The Great Big School Spring Clean

We took part in The Great Big School Spring Clean 2019…along with lots of other people all over the country. We researched and talked about how litter looks horrible and is damaging for our environment. We found lots of litter including sweet wrappers, plastic straws and chocolate wrappers and we safely removed them using our grabbers. The rubbish that we collected was enough to fill 2 bin liners…wow! What a lots of rubbish. Our nursery children did a great job of keeping nursery tidy, neat and clean…just like our song says.