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18/10/19: This weeks learning. Run, run as fast as you can, counting all sorts of things, safe pathways around the nursery garden and Jackson Pollock poppies

  • Throughout this week some of our children have been reading and learning about the story of the Gingerbread Man, one of our core stories for this term.
  • We read the familiar story together, joining in with the refrains, discussing who the characters were, where the story was set, the problem of the river and what the Gingerbread Man’s solution was to get across the river. We also commented on the fox and how he ‘tricked’ the Gingerbread Man which was not kind at all!
  • We did a scientific experiment to see what would happen if the Gingerbread Man had waded through the river and found out that he would have disintegrated, which means he turns into gingerbread squish!
  • Reading and discussing this story helped us telling our own story in our Tales Toolkit session at the end of the week. We’ve also made and used gingerbread playdough in nursery to reinforce our learning and encourage our talking.


  • As part of our maths learning we have been counting reliably, remembering to point at or move the object we are counting, say the numbers in order and stop when we’ve counted all the objects. We also had a go at counting out own claps, stamps and nods and using our counting skills in real contexts in nursery and in the garden.


  • In the nursery garden we haven’t let the wet weather stop us from learning. We have continued to harvest some more carrots and  pears which we took home to enjoy. We have worked out safe ways to move around the garden avoiding the muddy areas that weren’t safe and pruning the bushes to make clear pathways. We even found a novel way to dry the slide to make it safe to use!
  • Some of our children have been thinking about journeys and our international friends. They looked at the parcel sent from our American friends, talked about our parcel for them and read a story about a journey.
  • We got very creative time in the middle of the week. As part of our links with the community we are making poppies to place in South Normanton, in preparation for Remembrance Day. We looked at some splatter artwork by an artist called Jackson Pollock and Bees uses some lovely techniques to create red splatter painted poppies. We will revisit this learning in November when we learn about Remembrance Day and its importance as part of our British culture.