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17/11/2020: Learning about Diwali celebrations

At nursery during the start of the week we have been learning about Diwali, the Festival of Light that is celebrated by people who are of Sikh or Hindu faith.

As we chatted and looked at pictures of  Diwali celebrations we made some fantastic links noticing that lots of the things that they do to celebrate are the same or similar to our celebrations for example giving gifts, wearing special clothes, eating special food, decorating the house and spending time with family and friends.

We have did lots of exciting activities in nursery to help us with our learning.

We made listened to some Bhangra music and danced with ribbons, we made celebration food out of dough and dressed in celebration clothes. W also made some special hand  patterns called mendhi and Rangoli patterns using our whiteboard and coloured rice.

Our activities  are very important as they help the children to gain an awareness of other cultures and beliefs and helps them to understand the similarities and differences between themselves and others and understand their place in the wider community.

When learning about other cultures and beliefs we are supporting the children to enjoy their right to find things out about the world and other people (UNCRC Article 13) and we are also able to reinforce about every child right to choose their own religion and belief (UNCRC Article 14)