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Welcome, Welcome back and a Very Special Birthday...

We've had a very busy week at nursery.

We extended a very warm welcome to all of our new children who started at South Normanton Nursery School  on Friday. They had an hours visit to nursery and had lots of fun meeting new friends and all the staff at the setting.

We did some fantastic playing and learing in the the water, painting on the easels, playing with corn flour and ices in the tough spot,  counting in the maths area, looking at books and eating our healthy snack. In the nursery garden, although it was cold, we enjoyed riding the bikes and exploring all the areas in lovely garden.

Our older children have settled back in brillliantly too, they had their first day back on Tuesday and on Friday  they have been helping our staff to show the new children around nursery and making them feel very welcome.

Also on Thursday, one of our Early Years Educators celebrated a very special Birthday. Debbie Proudler turned 40 and the staff and chidren had special celebrations to help her to have a lovely day. We put up lots of posters of Debbie now and back when she started work at South Normanton Nursery School (which were kindly provided by ex headteacher Barbara Morrison) The children worked in the creative area and  made a beautiful card for Debbie and helped her with a treasure hunt all around the nursery and nursery garden, which took Debbie to lots of the places that are special to her in nursery. It ended in the Sensry Room where she discovered a very special gift...a lovely bird table to put in her garden at home. It was so nice that one of the nursery children wanted to kee it for nursery!

We talked to the children about celebrating Birthdays and sang Happy Birthday. We also helped them to guess how old Debbie and counted to 40 too.

We hope Debbie had a lovely day and has enjoyed her Birthday weekend.