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A Fond Farewell and our thanks

Yesterday was the last day at nursery for our children at nursery. It’s been such a tricky few months but we just want to say that are so very proud of each and every one of you. We hope you all keep safe and have a wonderful summer holiday and we want to give you on our sincerest thanks for all of your kind words, cards and gifts, which were very much appreciated. 

We also bid a fond farewell  to Carly one of our early years educators and to Gwyneth, who has been with us at nursery for the last 16 will be missed so much.


We look forward to welcoming some of our children back in September but for others, their time at nursery has come to an end as they prepare for the next steps of their learning journey at big school in September...we know you will be fantastic! 


It was great that so many of you could join us today for our virtual celebration on was really lovely to see you and your families to celebrate your time at nursery. 


So the staff at nursery have recorded this little song, especially for you, to commemorate this moment in time.
just follow the link below.


We really hope that you enjoy it...
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Leavers’ Class of 2020- a song for you