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‘Bear’ and ‘Little Monkey’ have arrived!


The last few months have been so tricky as together we have worked together to forge a way through the Covid19 pandemic.

For our nursery children, transition to their Infant Schools is such an important time as is the transition into nursery for the first time, so this year as we have had to think about supporting our children in a completely different way we have embarked on a special transition project…The Teddy Bear project.


Children who are leaving us in September all received their preparation pack last week, to get ready for 'Bear'…and this week 'Bear' arrived! Along with 'Bear', who children will name and take care of, there are also some activities for parents and their child do. For children who are going to The Green or The Brigg there was also be a storybook based on the new school, showing them what they can expect to see and do when they start their new school.


Many of the children who will be returning to us in September will also not have been to nursery for nearly 7 months and our new September starters have been unable to have their usual visits to our nursery. With this in mind, we have shared a similar pack for these children and new starters. 'Little Monkey' also arrived this week with a story all about nursery and lots of activities and ideas to support children with getting ready to begin or return to nursery.


The children were so excited to receive their new friends. We hope they have fabulous time taking care of them and completing the activities with them and also that in doing so, their mental health and well-being will be supported as they embark on this new chapter in their journey of learning.